Al believes that the people of the 75th District deserve a representative that will be an effective advocate for the region and ensure that Southern VA is represented.


As a small businessman, Al understands the challenges involved with running a business and making payroll. If elected to the House of Delegates Al would bring this experience with him and work to lower the tax burden on Virginia businesses and eliminate the bureaucratic red tape that slows job creation. Al knows the best way to create jobs is to reduce government spending and provide incentives to businesses to create long-term jobs in order to put Virginians back to work and get government out of the way of job creators.


Al wants to strengthen our economy and attract new businesses, entrepreneurs and startups to Virginia. He knows that it needs to be easier and more affordable for businesses to retain and hire new employees. That’s why he will fight to keep taxes low and reduce regulations that stand in the way of job creation. Al will work to cut the waste and bring more stability and certainty to our economy.

Govt. Accountability:

As a former naval officer Al learned the importance of integrity and believes that voters deserve the opportunity to be represented by someone who is dedicated to the public’s interest, not their own. He believes lawmakers and the government owe it to the taxpayers to be honest, and should be held accountable for their actions. Al will lead the fight in Richmond to make government more transparent and accountable. He will take advantage of new technologies to stay connected to the public and keep them informed of all legislative actions. Al strongly believes that taxpayers deserve to have all the information on how their money is being spent.

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My wife and I own a country store on HWY 40 about eight miles west of Stony Creek, nine miles east of Mckenney. I invite you to be my guest on a Saturday morning to meet with our breakfast club.


Burl Newton

Cell 240-298-2644
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Good luck Al P the 75 is ready for a change and ready for true representation.